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MUKIEMIRA LLC The way forward for Africa and its business partners from around the world is a reality that can be achieved by strong ties and understanding, good business links and serious improvement of business practices. It is for this reason MUKIEMIRA LLC exists. MUKIEMIRA LLC is a private sector business that is dedicated to removing administrative bottlenecks and the hassle out of investment for foreign businesses.
We are poised to achieving the ultimate goal, long-term relationship and profitability.

Africa has the fertile grounds for businesses of any kind and its natural invaluable resources are beyond imagination. The idea to include investors around the globe is to aid in harnessing Africa’s endowments in order to reshape the Continent.

The presence of mineral resources like gold, diamond, cocoa, sheer butter, and many more with a fertile land for farming and super strong human workforce testifies how profitable investment in Africa can be.
Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals outside Africa, and even some within, do not have the idea about Africa and especially the rich resources and fertile business environment it has. This is where MUKIEMIRA sets in to show and direct corporate bodies and individual investors to the right channels to invest their monies for the best returns.

MUKIEMIRA walk investors through every corner of their new business environment and make sure they have the necessary documentation to commence business. We have the comfortable places to help investors meet the best in Africa.
With MUKIEMIRA as your active player, you are guaranteed of the right channel of investment to make your investments dream a reality.

Our Partners and business associates…

As the only brand of business with a multinational vision targeting Africa for foreign trade exhibitions, relations and benefits, TARGET AFRICA is a powerful trade concept with a double edge to benefit MULTINATIONAL Companies and AFRICA as a whole, by building brands EQUITY together.
With a French language links, it makes it more resourceful for the francophone countries and other multinational companies worldwide.