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The way forward for Africa and its business partners from around the world is a reality that can be achieved by strong ties and understanding, good business links and serious improvement of business practices. It is for this reason MUKIE MIRA LLC exists. MUKIE MIRA LLC is a private sector business that is dedicated to removing administrative bottlenecks and the hassle out of investment for foreign businesses.
We are poised to achieving the ultimate goal, long-term relationship and profitability.

The MUKIE MIRA brand of Business is a private sector business, which will be representing multinational companies and organizations worldwide involved in business activities in Africa.


The MUKIE MIRA’s vision is to be a respected, effective and unified voice for all foreign businesses that are engaged in trade and commerce within Africa.

The company’s mission is to represent (Foreign) industries in Africa and to use the resources and capabilities of its members to deliver services that address members’, Governments’, and communities’ need in order to enhance development.

The MUKIE MIRA brand of Business is being setup with the principal objectives to:

  • Attract foreign investment in Africa.
  • Promote and support socio-economic activities that will foster and support, in practical terms, marketing of good and service through exhibitions held in all Africa countries.
  • Propose or oppose any legislative measures or petition Government and administrative bodies in the various African countries in the interest of member companies.
  • Promote and protect the interest of Member companies in all respect.
  • Promote and protect the image of foreign businesses in Africa.
  • Establish and maintain effective membership governance
  • Provide leadership for the solutions on the international issues related to businesses.