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MUKIE MIRA LLC is dedicated to removing administrative bottlenecks and the hassle out of investing for foreign business.
The way forward for Africa and its business partners from around the world is a reality that can be achieved by strong ties and understanding, good business links and serious improvement of business practices, of which MUKIE MIRA LLC stand for. Our aim is to achieve the ultimate goal, long-term relationship and profitability.
MUKIE MIRA LLC is a private sector brand of business representing business and people worldwide in Africa.

The New African Brand of Business
The Business
• MUKIE MIRA LLC is a communication channel company based in Ghana with other affiliates in Africa.
• We offer expertise in the area of brand-driven media management that will enhance the biggest portion of client’s marketing communication budget.
• We operate with integrity, and are accountable for delivering outstanding result for brands.
We manage client media investments. Business is the sole priority and therefore, principles such as honesty, transparency, good governance, good cooperate citizenship, commitment and unity won’t be compromised whilst carrying out our mission and pursuing our vision.

The registered Headquarters of the MUKIE MIRA business is in New York City (USA), the nation capital of America with affiliates in the various African countries. Programs and activities of the company are funded entirely by its member executives.
Media Overview
• Media is fairly segmented in delivery and research as per the various targets, interests, and lifestyle inclinations.
• Ghana, a country in Africa with over twenty seven million (27,000,000) inhabitants, is located in the western part of Africa.
• There has been quality collaboration with our Media partners and other affiliates, which has been operational over the years.
Namely: Advalue International Ghana Ltd, which handles special promotions, events and trade exhibitions
• Uni-African Business Ltd, a marketing channel company with affiliates in other African countries, is the exclusive media buyer (radio, tv and new print) for top notch companies of the Ghana Club 100 league.
• Advalue Outdoor, one of the leading outdoor advertising service providers in Ghana (Unipole Super structure, Video Boards etc.), also pride itself with the multi-latest and biggest printing press in the West African sub-region.

Proper planning led by programming/CPM is key!
Most product services advertised on Radio, newsprint and TV are being taken by another part of the audience, but with a concept like (TARGET AFRICA) outdated, it energizes thinking POWER and encourages buying action.
It is better to have less advertisement in the right media, “TARGET AFRICA,” than to have a massive one but to the wrong audience!
Our Key Drive:
At MUKIE MIRA LLC, we have a respect aversion for rules, scientific formulae and refuse to accept on the face value to common criticism of self-appointed experts.
• Our own philosophy has always been-since we first started out-that an outstanding strategy is the most effective media tool a client can have.
• We also believe in giving all our people freedom to fly to improve ideas since freedom of expression leads to new and innovative ways to do business.

MUKIE MIRA LLC, as a brand-driven integrated communication channel company, specializes in building consumer-based brand equity through;
• Trade shows and exhibitions
• Outdoor advertising
• Media buying & implementation
• Post-campaign buying analysis (PBA)
Additionally, we offer services in:
Sponsorship evaluation, analysis & management
• Integrated communication consulting

MUKIE MIRA LLC Trade show offer:
• The best value for money, increase profit and network all over Africa.
• Candid advice and strategic target for trade shows
• Onsite telecommunication systems to accelerate response time and expedite services.
• Pre & post event meetings guarantee authentic communication and precise execution
• World class transportation and accommodation system to facilitate our client’s goods and services to the various trade shows and exhibitions destination in Africa.
• Market access and new market opportunities.

Key Differentiators
We create the missing link between marketing requirements and media objectives; we are committed to an accountable, open book, financial & business policy;
• We are committed to principle of partnership
• We also negotiate the best price & value for our client’s brand.
• We recommend independent audit of all the channels & campaigns invested in, where possible.

Cutting Edge
• Hands-on operation
• Quick turn-around times
• Out-of-box searches
• Research-based analysis & planning tools
• Innovative media strategy
• Cost effective & efficient media buys
• Operate integrated solutions
• Streetwise (We believe in the value triangle)
MUKIE MIRA LLC – investigate-identify-interpret-implement

• Our TEAM draws knowledge, experience and best practice from a wide range of backgrounds.
• We have a team with extensive local knowledge and skill gleaned from years to hand-on experience in the field of designing marketing, communication and media.
• We also have a dynamic heritage of international brand experience draw from across Africa and other media-rich market, while working multi-national and local brands.

Our Tools:
We use innovation out-of-the box media tools in our investigation and analysis of brand channel opportunities:
• Day in the life
• Mind maps
• Full circle
• Spear (Search, probe, explore, aggregate, review)
• Sponsorship continuum
• Media pyramid (bonding, advantage, performance, relevance, presence)
• Uni-African CRAVE (Content, Research, Administration, verification and Enhancement)
• 7i’s (information, insight, idea, imperatives, interrogation, implementation, inspection)
• Post Buy Analysis (PBA) etc

The MUKIE MIRA services is not solely about discounts and added value/exposure.
Our Excellence is about:
• Well organized trade shows and exhibitions
• Using our legal department to facilitate due diligence on companies that wish to represent your goods and services.
• Negotiating best value
• Accountable implementation
• Effective and efficient media buyers
• Insightful analysis and media management.
We deliver this with unequaled enthusiasm and passion.

what we can do together As a TEAM:
We will help your brands:
• Look ahead and identify opportunities, insight and positive signals
• Build a market orientation based on strong and economically vibrant communication platforms
• Outdoor services have a great added value via strong and relevant channels of communication for customers.
• Undertake regular market intelligence and consumer analysis, through the power of outdoor communication
• Generate and share knowledge with others so new knowledge can be continually created.

• It is clear that all clients want to compete on the value for money (VFM) platform
• Media spending is a most significant portion of advertising and promotion (A&P), a huge profit & Loss (P&L) line item.
• The will to partner lower/best cost supplier of world-class media solutions (MUKIE MIRA LLC) that can ensure vantage and strategic locations in and out of town. Top notch media services at very best value for money, no matter your business location in Africa.
1. All negotiated discount and added value will be remitted back to client transparently.
2. Fee + performance based bonuses is the income to ourselves.

Our Delivery = Your Value
A new face of BUSINESS at vantage and prominent places of your choice covering the whole AFRICA through trade-shows and exhibitions with a special monthly magazine;
• Innovative and pioneering
• This concept explains to AFRICA and Africans in one phrase describing how wonderful your GOODS AND SERVICES are.
• To enhance the image of your brands.
• To facilitate and encourage AFRICANS to adopt your brands.
• To reduce high budget on media spending.
• To maximize your exposure.
• Quarterly rotation of trade-shows and exhibitions within every year to various countries in Africa to keep your brands alive every time.

Represented category, Exploration category and Affiliate category.
1. Represented Category: is a class of membership for business and organizations operating in Africa.
2. Exploration Category: Is a class of membership which are about to start business operation in Africa
3. Affiliate Category: is a class of membership which provides support services known as service industries.
• Market Access
• Promotional Programs
• A Key benefit of MUKIE MIRA brand membership is the opportunity to provide an input into the trade-industry and commerce positions, policies and practice.
• Educational Programs:
• Representatives from Affiliated, Registered and Exploration members can participate in the company’s many committees, councils and other working groups. These members can also review company’s regular publications which also feature a monthly business magazine called TARGET AFRICA with a worldwide distribution.
• Technical Resources such as:
o The opportunity to update your outfit of the bids in other African countries.
o Advice and support on industrial issues, such as energy, environmental matters, business support infrastructure.
o Industrial representations on key industry associations such as Ghana Employers’ Associations (GEA), Private Enterprise Foundation (PEF)
• Government Relations:
o This includes representation on Government;
o Workshops and seminars in areas of industrial interest, such as training and community relations, environment….
o Research and statistical information generated both by the company and other sources.
The Benefit to our “client”
• Further savings on media
• More effective and efficient media planning and buying, driven by data and technology
• High compliance rating on media objectives that are readily met, with waste reduced to the barest minimum
• Outdoor service will be at vantage points due to space appropriates and security.
• The MUKIE MIRA brand in Africa has bilingual (English and French) staff with expertise and experience that adds significant value to the membership.
• The MUKIE MIRA brand has a result-driven team that has an excellent working knowledge to Africa business communities and the issues that impact on it. Furthermore, the company’s staff can provide advice and support on the workings of the Government at all levels, the public service, media, the education community and special interest group.

The only brand of business with a multinational vision targeting Africa for foreign trade exhibitions, relations and benefits. A must for every serious business entity to be a member.
TARGET AFRICA is a powerful trade concept with a double edge, to benefit MULTINATIONAL Companies and AFRICA as a whole, building brands EQUITY together.
With a French language links, it makes it more resourceful for the francophone countries and other multinational companies worldwide.