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Our Services

To confirm our vision of becoming a performance driven brand that empowers people and business economically, we value resources and enhance investment opportunities worldwide by bringing investors together to facilitate economic growth of Africa and America through solid team work. We chose the exact line of business that matches our goal and suits investor’s interest and economically agrees with the business lineup of today and the future.

Our line of business in New York is to:

  • Attract Investors to Africa
  • Organize exhibitions in Africa for them
  • Connect them to Africa, especially Ghana
  • Represent purchase of raw materials like Shea butter (Alata Samina), Cola, etc.

Our Expertise

  • Our TEAM draws knowledge, experience and best practice from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • We have a team with extensive local knowledge and skills gleaned from years of hand-on experience in the field of designing marketing, communication and media.
  • We also have a dynamic heritage of international brand experience drawn from across Africa and other media-rich market, while working multi-national and local brands.

How we work
Our Tools.
We use innovation out-of-the box media tools in our investigation and analysis of brand channel opportunities:

  • Day in the life
  • Mind maps
  • Full circle
  • Spear (Search, probe, explore, aggregate, review)
  • Sponsorship continuum
  • Media pyramid (bonding, advantage, performance, relevance, presence)
  • Uni-African CRAVE (Content, Research, Administration, verification and Enhancement)
  • 7i’s (information, insight, idea, imperatives, interrogation, implementation, inspection)
  • Post Buy Analysis (PBA) etc


  • Will Spike your media
  • Sharpen your Tools
  • Hone your campaigns
  • Improve your Brand Image
  • Maximize your Exposure
  • Deliver total impact!
  • Build Brand Equity through AFRICA

We value your INITIATIVE
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